The basics of what Gettie is a how it works
Promo codes, payment methods, and transaction settings
Circumstances after booking a Gettie
Community rules and personal account settings
How to become a host on the Gettie platform


What is Gettie?

Welcome to Gettie - Your Personal Mixology Experience.

Gettie allows you to discover, book, and list unique food & cocktail events and experiences. That’s right, unlike other event discovery platforms, you wont need to sift through language learning courses, kite flying classes, and boring organization conferences that you don’t care about. We get you straight to the good stuff. Our experts hand pick the best bars, restaurants, and event hosts in order to connect you to food and cocktail experiences that are right for you.

How to contact Gettie?

All questions regarding non-urgent issues, please submit here.

Any questions regarding your application to become a host should be sent to

How do I become a host?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a host! You can apply at the following link:

We review applications on a rolling basis and will contact you if you are a fit for the community.

How do referrals and Gettie credits work?

Inviting friends to Gettie can earn you and your friends credit to use toward future purchases on the platform.

When your friend uses your provided invite link to sign up and create an account, they will automatically receive a $10 credit. Once they book their first Gettie experience of $25 or more, you’ll receive a $10 credit.

Your available credits automatically appear as a coupon on the Confirm & Book page of your purchase of $25 or more. If the credits aren’t automatically added, this means that the reservation does not qualify.

Your friends that you referred will also automatically see their credits applied as a coupon on the Confirm & Book page of their purchase of $25 or more. The governing terms are here.

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Can I leave a tip?
There is not an option to tip on the Gettie platform. That being said, we do encourage users to give their hosts a rating and review after an event is completed.
How do I apply my promo code?
If you have a promo code, please enter it before clicking the "Confirm & Book" button to purchase your Gettie tickets. Enter your promotion code right underneath the 'Payment' section of your confirmation page.
How do payments work?

Payment is easily made through the Gettie Platform using your credit card. You can securely save your credit card information in the Payment Methods section of your account setting for future one-click purchases. We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay on iOS devices.

When purchasing tickets to a Gettie, your credit card will be charged upon reviewing the details of the purchase and clicking Confirm & Book.


My bartender didn’t show up, or is very late

Oh no! We're very sorry to hear that your bartender has not shown up, or is late to arrive!

In this circumstance, try contacting your bartender by sending them a message through the website or app requesting an update. Additionally, you can call your bartender by dialing their phone number included in your reservation confirmation.

You can also contact us here. We're happy to help and make things right!

How do I report an issue with a host or Gettie event?

We're very sorry to hear that there’s an issue! If you’re having an issue that can’t be resolved between you and your Gettie host, please let us know.

You can contact us here. We're happy to help and make things right!


Host Ratings
At Gettie we are committed to creating amazing experiences for everyone included. In order to do this, we encourage to rate all hosts and leave constructive feedback. By doing this, we can instill trust and safety in the community and improve the quality of our platform.
How do I leave a rating?

We value your feedback to help us provide the best experiences possible.

After attending a Gettie, you will be prompted to rate your experience with the Host within the Gettie platform. You will also receive an email reminding you to rate your Host.

Please note that all any comments attached to your ratings are not public and they are only visible to the Gettie Customer Support Team.

Do hosts see my phone number, email, or home address?

Your personal information is never shared with Hosts, since any communication with a Host is done through the Gettie platform.

If you have any additional questions regarding trust and safety, please contact us.

How do I deactivate my account?
To deactivate your account, go to your Account Settings and click on the link that says Security. Here you will find where you can deactivate your account.


Why do you need my personal information?

In order to process your application, we need personal information including your Social Security Number (SSN), full name, date of birth, checking account number, and routing number.

What does Gettie do with that information?

Your Social Security Number (SSN) is needed to verify your identity, which is key to keeping the Gettie community safe.

Your bank account and routing numbers are necessary to set up your payment and payout methods. Gettie is only able to issue payment through direct deposit; we do not issue checks.

How is my information protected?

We take protecting your personal information very seriously, as we use the latest encryption technologies available. Your information will never be shared with third parties and is solely for internal use.

For questions regarding your application please contact

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