Free Beer!

Host a party on Gettie and get FREE BEER! It’s as simple as that! Rules below.

How big we talkin’?

List your party with an entry price of $5 or more to unlock additional bonus cash! You’ll make 100% of the money from your guests PLUS a cash reward based on how many people come!

# of people going to your party/event on Gettie
Cash value of additional reward you receive
Case of beer
Beer keg!

*since we cannot send physical items, you will receive the cash value of your reward and can use it however you wish

Create an account and list your event or party on Gettie. Invite all your friends and share with the community.
Take a screenshot of your event on Gettie with at least a $5 entry price and 10 people going. Email it to
We confirm your screen shot and send you a direct deposit with the additional cash reward on top of the cash collected from your event!
You receive the cash and throw a bigger and better party to make even more money.

Become a Brand Rep / Intern

We are looking for driven brand rep's and interns that love to party, host events, get free swag, network, create digital media and more. Gettie is going to change the college landscape and we want YOU to be a part of it!

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